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Anti-Gay Baton Rouge Granite Co. in Stone Age August 29, 2010

Posted by Robert J. Wilson in LGBT Issues, Politics.

UPDATE 3: I should have made it more clear that I was not directly involved in this incident, but am merely reporting on the incident as described by the CCA’s Chairman, who is an acquaintance of mine.

UPDATE 2: Dan Savage has linked to the story on his slog.

UPDATE 1: SSG’s Facebook page has disappeared.

From Kevin Serrin, Chairman of the Capitol City Alliance, a Baton Rouge-based organization supporting equality:

I’d like to share with you an unfortunate incident of recent anti-gay discrimination in Baton Rouge.  Here are the facts:

• On Saturday, August 8, 2010 a gay couple entered Southern Style Granite (SSG) on Airline Highway (address listed below) in Baton Rouge shopping for a remodeling project.

• One of the owners of SSG, Darren Cifreo, specifically asked the two gentlemen if they were in a relationship with each other.  After confirming that they are, Mr. Cifreo told them that SSG does not work with “Your Kind” and told them to leave the showroom

• On Thursday, August 18, 2010, I was contacted by the couple and told of the incident

• On Monday, August 23, 2010, my partner and I went to SSG to see how we would be treated.  Darren Cifreo subjected us to similar questioning about our relationship and we confirmed that we are a couple.

• Before Darren Cifreo could throw us out, his brother and co-owner of SSG, Chris Cifreo, called him into the office.  Chris Cifreo then let us view granite samples, but was obviously upset with us and was not helpful

• Upon further discussion with the couple, I proposed that I contact SSG on behalf of CCA and use the incident as a learning experience and ask them to apologize

• I called Chris Cifreo on Friday, August 27, 2010 and explained who I was, and requested a convenient time to discuss the incident with him, but he hung up on me

In 2010, two people of the same gender should be able to walk into a business establishment in Baton Rouge without fear of harassment and discrimination.  How you chose to respond to this incident is a personal decision.  However, CCA offers the following suggestions:

• Contact your friends, family, and any designers and contractors you know, and tell them that SSG discriminates against LGBT people

• Post the incident on your Facebook pages

• Contact Southern Style Granite directly and tell them how you feel about their treatment of ‘our kind’ and that you will be spreading the word for people not to do business with ‘their kind’

• Go to on-line review sites, such as http://www.yelp.com/ and post a review

If you’d like to contact SSG:

Chris Cifreo and Darren Cifreo, Owners Southern Style Granite
10335 Airline Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Phone: 225-295-7888 (office)
Phone: 225-588-6333 (Chris Cifreo cell)
Email: chris@southernstylegranite.com

The experience that my partner and I and the other couple went through was humiliating and embarrassing.  It is my hope that we can us this experience to make Baton Rouge a more tolerant city.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.

Kevin Serrin
Chairman, Board of Directors

Oh, but there’s no reason to pass the One Baton Rouge resolution, because B.R. is completely tolerant of LGBT residents…  /sarcasm

The Cifreos are giant assholes and I hope their business evaporates.

Please spread the word about this awful business and their hatred of gay Baton Rougeans.


1. mary - August 29, 2010

This sort of blatant homophobia is unreal in this day and age, even in Louisiana.

Robert J. Wilson - August 29, 2010

I’m shocked, but not surprised. I hope the bigoted Cifreos get what’s coming to ’em, and by that I mean a complete boycott.

2. Robert J. Wilson - August 29, 2010

Please spread the word, Mary & everybody else…

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4. Ambulance Driver - August 30, 2010
5. Ray - August 30, 2010

Doing my wee bit…and remember, ask yourself – if someone is willing to do business w/ Southern Style Granite….do you REALLY want to do business with them?

6. Robert J. Wilson - August 30, 2010

Thanks, y’all!!

I agree with A.D.: this business DOES have the right to refuse service to anyone at any time, but they are not immune from the consequences of such action. In this economy, and with the price of marble being super-low right now, I wouldn’t go around alienating huge swaths of clients.

7. Christopher - August 30, 2010

I was under the impression intolerance was a poor model for a business…sigh. Another instance of people giving the South a bad name.

Robert J. Wilson - August 30, 2010

Alienating the gays when you’re in the interior design business is DEFINITELY not a smart move…

Jim - August 31, 2010

Well, I don’t think anyone is accusing these guys of being geniuses.

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9. Don - August 30, 2010

These homophobes also have a Facebook page. Post something on their “Review” page and let them know how you feel.

adelaidejewel - August 30, 2010

Did they delete it? I searched and didn’t see it. When I found it on google, clicking on it brought me to the facebook homepage.

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11. John Doe - August 30, 2010

Though I believe both couples were treated unfairly, the sword cuts both ways. Yes, the Cifreos were dead wrong. But I’ve had many an experience with gay colleagues in social situations being a little to flirty with me, or a little too handsy with my girlfriend, yet I can’t say anything because then I’m being a homophobe. The gay community bands together on incidents like this, which I respect. But it should also be noted that some members of the same community overstep their bounds as well.

Robert J. Wilson - August 30, 2010

I agree with you, John Doe. With that said, it sounds like you’re scared of being labeled a homophobe by setting clear and reasonable personal boundaries. I can appreciate where you’re coming from, but it shouldn’t stop you from politely articulating your boundaries to your girlfriend and others. If you get slammed as a homophobe after that, call me–I’ll vouch for you. ;-)

Fr0zt - August 30, 2010

I think the two situations are apples and oranges. For example, you wouldn’t be racist if you objected to a colleague (of a different race) overstepping their bounds and becoming too handsy. In such a situation, the acceptance of the person’s race/sexual orientation is not the issue–they are simply being a jerk. You can be completely non-racist/non-homophobic and still call a (black/gay/whatever) jerk a jerk

Laura - August 30, 2010

It’s not really even your place to say anything if you feel like they are too “handsy” with your girlfriend. If she has any issues with it, she’ll deal with it.

Mimiller - September 1, 2010

Um, dude seriousely? It’s not just gays who can be “too flirty” and “handsy” um water attention from any one no matter sexual preference or gender is annoying… I have had my but smacked, my boobs grabbed, and have had un eared sexual from straight guys, I have never had my boundries pushed by someone who way gay…. They don’t have to be gay to push your boundries, they just have to be jerks….. Maybe you are looking too deep into innocent social situation and seeing flirting where there is just conversation. If it was someone of the opposite sex behaving the same way, u probably would think twice about it.

Dez Crawford - September 3, 2010

Yes, you CAN say something, if you are polite: i.e., “I know you’re being nice, but I’m not comfortable with flirting” would work with another man, and not be considered homophobic, as opposed to, “get away form me, you effing queer!” If a gay man is being “handsy” with your girlfriend, what are you worried about? HE’S GAY. A lot of gay men are all touchy-feely, no harm intended. Seriously, it’s all in how you handle it. I’m heterosexual and have never in my 50 years of life have I had a lesbian woman accuse me of being a homophobe when I politely said something like, “thanks, and I’m flattered, but I’m not sexually attracted to other women. Can we just talk?” WE can support each other’s rights AND not insult each other without anyone being hypersensitive if we are just careful with our choice of words — either way.

12. Patrick Wendling-Markwell - August 30, 2010

I agree with John Doe. A lot of discrimination out there can be brought back to our own doorsteps. I see the way our community acts in public a lot and I am ashamed and disgusted. I wish we could start actually behaving like normal human beings and maybe we would get a bit more respect. Though at the same time, companies like this do need to be taught a lesson.

Robert J. Wilson - August 30, 2010

I’m operating from the reasonable understanding that the couples involved in these incidents did not go prancing into the store wearing assless chaps and soliciting the stock boy…

Based on what I know of the events, a couple of dudes went to a store and wanted to buy countertops or whatever. The owners inappropriately inquired as to the mens’ sexual orientation/relationship and refused service based on their response. Is it legal? Yes. Is it discrimination? Yes. Should discrimination solely on the basis of sexual orientation be legal? No.

As for the politics involved within the gay community as it relates to gender-identity/expression and other sometimes controversial forms of self-expression, I’ll just say that people are people, and I should be evaluated on who I am as an individual, not for my association (real or imagined) with any group.

Your Mama - August 30, 2010

I wear assless chaps…

Robert J. Wilson - August 30, 2010

Thanks for that visual, bro…

300lb Goku - August 30, 2010

Changed my name to something less ambiguous… :)

Patrick Wendling-Markwell - August 31, 2010

I completely agree with you. I was not saying that what happened to them was right by any means. I was actually commenting on some of the comments I had seen, and maybe I should have stated that more clearly. I think it is disgusting what happened to them. However, every community out there has their own bad eggs. That is also what the media preys on. Seriously, do you ever see the media talking to a well educated black person? No, they find the thugs. White educated? No, they go after trailer park trash that is toothless and filthy and has 40 clinging dirty kids talking about how the tornado picked up their trailer and moved it to a better location, thus increasing their property values by $50. When they go after the gay community, they go after the queens and the prancing fairies that feel the need to screech and make fools of themselves. The media will never go for the gay man and his husband or woman and her wife who lead normal lives. I live my every day life as a normal human being. I am gay and married with a legal marriage certificate from Iowa. We have a 14 year old and 2 dogs. I am a Paramedic, he is a truck driver. Yet, we still find time to go out and enjoy ourselves among the gay community and our straight and gay friends. The thing that we don’t do is go running rampant and acting like damned fools. Honestly, I do not care whether or not someone is queeny or femme. The problem I have is when anyone, of ANY community, starts acting like a fool, then the rest of the world associates those very FEW people, with the rest of that particular community, then we all get stereotyped. I myself would personally like to lash out at the company and the owners who did what they did. It is completely inexcusable. I am sorry if what I said sounded like I was defending these people, because I was not. I was defending the two couples who went through a personal hell because of bigotry. I hope that it never happens again, but it will unfortunately, and all we can do at this point is to just keep fighting, but we do need to fight properly, so that in the end we can all be proud of how we handled the situation. We can celebrate with clean consciences and know that in the end, we prevailed and struck a blow to the bigoted and did it legally! We need more articles like this one so that all of us can be very aware of what is going on out there and fight it the right way, and NOT in some way that will just put our cause further out of reach. Some days, we take 3 steps forward and 1 step back. It used to be steps back and then 1 back for 2 forward, then it equaled out. I think now we are making some real and serious progress, and if we can keep this up, we can finally stop taking steps backward, but it will take all of us acting in a responsible manner. Well, I am done rambling for the night. I have a teenager to wake up soon to get her ready for school. Have a good day all of you!

13. woman:confused - August 30, 2010

They have a commodity that is most certainly NOT a necessity, and I hope they suffer GREATLY as a result. The arrogance!!
If they owned the only fruit stand in town and wanted to turn someone away (anyone) for their color, height, beliefs or lifestyle, it probably wouldn’t hurt their business – they would be the only fruit stand in town.
The absolute ARROGANCE of them to think “Well, I don’t need ‘your’ business” is insulting to ALL people, not just the GLBT community.
The obvious discrimination & societal aspects, intolerance and rudeness aside, it’s just plain arrogant and ridiculous.
I already spread this on my facebook. I no longer live in BR but many of my friends do.

14. Genevieve - August 30, 2010

Regardless of how anyone feels about the LGBT community, this is an outrageous incident of bad customer service!! Anyone who treats anyone this way deserves to be shut down and out of business. The best and WORST type of advertising is word of mouth and as an interior designer who works with architects and contractors, I’ll be sure to steer everyone clear of this business.

David - September 4, 2010

There is no such thing as an “LGBT” community. That is a term that was invented by some activists in the 1990s, but it is meaningless, since the vast majority of the “trangendered” are heterosexual. This couple was discriminated against b/c they are gay, not because they are men who want to be women, men who have surgically altered themselves, or men who wear dresses. This couple has already been insulted once; let’s not insult them again by implying that they are something that they are not.

15. Mitch - August 30, 2010

From SSG’s website under the “About Us” section:

Southern Style Granite believes that quality is #1 and so each of our customers is treated with honesty. As small business owners, we understand the importance of each customer and appreciate them being a part of our family.

Obviously, they need education as to what honesty and appreciation are, and especially family.

Cindy - September 1, 2010

Oh, the first guy was being honest. He honestly didn’t want their business and appreciated them leaving his store.

We should all appreciate his honesty and respond in kind by honestly appreciating someone else’s business instead of his.

16. ted baldwin - August 30, 2010

According to the facts, the other Cifreo upbraided the brother and waited on Kevin and CO. himself. Kevin was not there to buy granite, he was there looking for homophobia. A good salesman knows when someone is really there to buy. Chris Cifreo is not obligated to be nice to anyone, but he did not turn Kevin et. al. away. I myself have been rude to Kevin on several occasions; that does not make me a homophobe. In the light of Chris Cifreo’s actions, I think it is too soon to call out the dogs on this business. Making an example of them on this scant evidence does not in the long run help our community fight for equal treatment. But RJW, I’ll be rude to you any day of the week!

acoolerclimate - August 30, 2010

Ted, I don’t think any business owner should pre-judge a customer. So you figure they aren’t going to buy today. But if you treat them well, perhaps they will come back. Or tell friends how great the service was, or maybe you just might sell them something.

There is no excuse to treat customers badly. You never know who they are, who they know, when they’ll buy, etc.

And no idea why they would turn business away. So what if the customer doesn’t meet your moral guidelines. They aren’t asking the business to move in with them or approve of anything. They just want to buy granite, sheesh…..

ted baldwin - August 30, 2010

I agree about pre-judging. As a salesman, I have to evaluate customers quickly, or my time will be stolen every time by people not ready to commit, or who are there for other reasons. Who cares wha tthe Cifreos think. they do not represent a majority. Nor do they have power over me. It’s like the stingy apple trees in Wizard of Oz. Just insult them and they throw them at you! But who cares what old trees think? I deliver great customer service though. I rarelty have to throw films at people. I forgot to mention that what the Cifreos think of us is none of our business. Our right to change how they think must extend a right to them to change how we think, and I sure as hell do not want anyone meddling with my precious thoughts….

Robert J. Wilson - August 30, 2010

>> “But RJW, I’ll be rude to you any day of the week!”

This is why I love you, Ted.

ted baldwin - August 30, 2010


ted baldwin - September 3, 2010

seven people as of this writing don’t like me giving RJW a smooch??? WTF?? haha

17. Jerome Jefferson - August 30, 2010

I do not see anyfin’ wrong wiff da shit. It iz his bidness an’ he should be able ta control who he wants ta do bidness wiff. I be sick an’ tired o’ all deez raging homosexuals in dis here hood. They iz ruining Louisiana. Go move ta San Francisco if ya iz looking fo’ equal rights. what the fuck sup now?

Robert J. Wilson - August 30, 2010

Wow. I’d expect nothing less from someone whose email address begins with–and I quote–letsrapethishoe. Moron.

Lukky - August 31, 2010

Jerome…you needz you an edgeukashon!

Mimiller - September 1, 2010

If u actally live by what your email address starts “wiff”, then it’s you who needs to take a trip… Need a little time in the big house with big bubba… After that u might sho a little more respect to people you have victimized with your hatered and closed mind….. Make u feel what it is you dish out….. I’m not gay, but I respect those who are. Anyone who is different than the social “norm” (that done harm other people which I am guessin you like to harm people) and has the guts t to show their face to the world as being different, my hat is off to them and I call them brave…. People like you, I call stupid and learn to speak and write the English language properly, read a book (pref. And educational one thatdoes not deal with drugs or pimping) and grow as a person, nit a GThug wanna be.

d - September 1, 2010

successful troll is successful

18. tom redmond - August 30, 2010

i suggest going to Capital Stone, Inc. at 7973 S. Commerce Dr. in Baton Rouge. (225)923-2323. they have an excellent selection as well as a knowledgable, friendly staff :)

Jimmy - August 30, 2010


The best revenge against homophobic business owners is to send their prospective customers to their competition. That’s the only thing they’ll listen to.

19. Shocked - August 30, 2010

Chris Cifreo was given every opportunity to defend his actions, he made a conscious decision to hang-up on Kevin Serrin, and Chairman of the Capitol City Alliance and attempt defend his ridiculous action, which simply means he is completely not able to defend what he did!

20. Bart Kliebert - August 30, 2010

So let me get this straight… Ben & Jerry’s put a sign on their door that says, “NO FATTIES”? What a terrible business move.

On a side note, we keep comparing our rights to those of other minorities. I had ‘fag’ yelled at me from a moving vehicle just last month… Anyone know of any other group that this is still happening to in 2010?

ted baldwin - August 30, 2010

I am ever tempted to return the yell “fag bait!” but I am afraid of getting my butt kicked. lol

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22. Danielle - August 30, 2010

Homophobia is gay.

Any granite that I will ever need, I will just make the drive north to Vermont (Where this would NEVER happen) and drive it back myself.

Won’t evolution happen faster?
Please God??

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25. Mule Breath - August 30, 2010

It was via Ambulance Driver’s blog that I discovered this posting.

Very shortly a link to this posting and to AD’s will be up on my blog, Of Mule Dung & Ash. I’d love it if others would do the same, and then post a comment stating as much. I’ll update my post with all the new links, further extending the reach of the message.

The more the merrier, right?

26. mlj23741 - August 30, 2010

This is crazy to me….in an economy where any business owner should be happy to see a customer walk into their doors to discriminate like this is disgusting and makes me embarrassed to say that I am from Louisiana. I shared this on my blog too dramafilledmama.wordpress.com Thanks for sharing

27. Amber - August 30, 2010

I work for Granite Inc. in Baton Rouge and I personally would be happy to help anyone who visits our showroom, regardless of their race, sexual preference, etc. We care about every potential customer who walks through our door! Feel free to call me personally for help (225)753-2225. We are located at 8950 Castille Rd.

28. moose - August 30, 2010

Just a note about using Yelp for this — don’t!

Yelp users will flag for removal any review that does not actually contain a review. “This place sucks because they eat babies and kill puppies and kittens” wouldn’t matter. If the review doesn’t say “I was a client” or even looks fake, it will be flagged and removed [and sometimes the “reviewer” will be deleted, too].

Better to encourage the use of things like Facebook and Twitter/Identi.Ca and such to spread the word of such nastiness.

29. coco - August 30, 2010

as a woman, i’ve been subjected to plenty of moments of sexual harassment, and the culprits (by a landslide) are straight men. however, i would be an idiot to simply assume that ALL straight men are too handsy and lack an internal edit button. we must learn to each person as the unique individual that they are, an amazing amalgamation of their life’s experiences including but not limited to sexual orientation, race, gender, ethnicity, education, friendships, etc.

additionally, kevin and his partner are mature, articulate, intelligent men. i find it unlikely that their visit was transparent and that the rudeness stemmed from someone sensing untrue customers. and the hang-up definitely eliminates any rope i would’ve extended sgg.

i hope that we can all come together and respond intelligently, compassionately, and passionately to eradicate such bigotry in our community.

ted baldwin - August 30, 2010

respectfully, it is not our place to eradicate anything in “those” people. If you don’t like their attitude, shop somewhere else. It is not a government outlet for granite, it is a private business. I can tell you though, that this pogrom against them is not going to make it any easier for gay people in this town. Again, they were not thrown out. If they had been – go for it. And irrespective of how intelligent Kevin is, a salesman knows. Call it sales-dar.

30. adelaidejewel - August 30, 2010

I just googled them, and currently results 4, 6, 7 and 8 have to do with their discrimination. Not too shabby.

31. LeDayz - August 30, 2010

Just the fact that they would even ASK something like that… damn! I work in a toy store where pregnant women come in all the time and I don’t ask them when they are due because it’s none of my business. That someone would even be able to fix their mouth to jump in your BED is just beyond me…

Robert J. Wilson - August 30, 2010

That’s the part that galls me. Can you imagine!?

How on Earth is a prospective buyer’s relationship status/orientation even REMOTELY relevant to a potential countertop purchase??

ted baldwin - August 31, 2010

trying to imagine what a mouth fixed to jump in bed would look like…lol

Robert J. Wilson - August 31, 2010

Oh, honey, I’m sure you’ve seen it… :-D LOL!!!

ted baldwin - August 31, 2010


32. ted baldwin - August 31, 2010

I have been at the sales game a long time, learning from my father. It is unfortunate that the vendor in question had such an issue with the first two gentlemen. The second two were asking for it. My father sold cars in a small town in Illinois. He was the only salesman around that sold to gay and lesbian couples. He also helped them protect their property against loss in case one partner died, through rite of sucession. True for the boats we sold as well in our hoime business. This was in the 1960’s in Lincoln, Illinois. Forgiving and tolerance also means being forgiving and tolerant of bigots, and ignoring their discretions takes away all their power.

Bruce P. - August 31, 2010

How is anyone asking to be mistreated? If the second couple had went in and been nasty to the employees that would be different, but I don’t think they were asking for anything by investigating a possible instance of consistent discrimination. It was much more responsible to look into the situation before going public about it. I think it was an example of good leadership. I wonder if you perspective is skewed by personal relationships with the individuals in question?

I also can’t believe that you are suggesting that we ignore bigotry or hatred. If you ignore it you are letting it fester and get worse. These things don’t fix themselves. Progress doesn’t happen through ignoring events. Things happen through action. You do work fighting hate and discrimination as a community activist how is this different?

ted baldwin - August 31, 2010

Thanks for writing BP. Let me be clear. I did not question the investigation, just pointing out that the investigators were not asked to leave, and indeed were offered a chance to buy granite or whatever. My point is that the one bro. may be unrepentantly homophobic, but the other tried to assist, however begrudgingly. Let me clarify that feelings of hurt and powerlessness in the face of the bigotry may be genuine for the first couple when they were hit with it, but the investigators, as we shall now call them, knew what was in the offing. It cannot have the same emotional impact. Anyway, investigators should divorce their feelings from the situation to get an unbiased perspective, no? By analogy, if people are being hit with cream pies in a park, and I go there to see, and get hit with a cream pie, then that is asking to be hit with a cream pie. Does not mattter what the pie thrower thinks. And any idiot could see that I was asking to get hit with a pie. (Of course cream pies are not analgous to customer verbal abuse issues!) I would have to accept the responsibility for putting myself in that position – I would not be an innocent bystander in other words. That is what I meant. Also, my persepctive is not skewed by the people in question – I based my comments on the facts as they were presented. Knowing them is reason for me to be extra careful and give more benefit of the doubt. I am way more careful when I say something about what they are doing. But, I would take the same perspective if it were anyone else. If they had been run out of the store too, I would say go at the business with everything. Simple. As far as ignoring the hatred, if you react to bigotry and hatred you give it power over you. They upset you, which is what they want. Ignoring them means going elsewhere for business, and hurting them fiancially. What is the quote? A life well lived is the best revenge? The work I do is based on listening to people, building bridges and understanding the complexities of situations. This means listening to the “haters”, too, and trying to understand their viewpoint. It is the only way to effect change. As for the disparity between you and I, is it possible you have formed an opinion about me based on what you think you know about “people like me”, or what has been said about me, as oppposed to sitting down with me and finding out for yourself who I am, where I come from, and what it is I mean, exactly? Not that I am complaining, but I have been verbally abused, ridiculed, demeaned and dismissed for my political views by gay people far more often than I ever was by straights for being gay. And I have been bridging the gay and straight world since I came out of the closet in 1973, just before I turned 20. (sorry for the long post, and unnecessary controversy RJW!) What I have found is that most people do not hate gay people, they have a favorite gay friend and simply do not realize that everyone else does too. Giving them that realization will do more for us than all of the boycotts and pickets in the world. Any time you want to sit and talk, lemme know! (And I will explain my remarks at the memorial in detail, as well…)

33. Shanna - August 31, 2010

Thank you so much for letting us know about this – sharing on FB, posted on Twitter, and about to do a write-up (link here) on my blog as well. This is inexcusable and intolerable – anyone thought about staging a rally/peaceful protest outside of the store? Also, did anyone contact WAFB and WBRZ and/or The Advocate to see if they’d be interested in doing a story on this? Just some ideas.

34. Matunos - August 31, 2010

Let’s be fair. Before you all jump to the conclusion that these are bigoted, please consider: maybe they just thought you were Muslims.

Robert J. Wilson - August 31, 2010

Yikes. Exactly. That whole situation is just LADEN with gross irony. I love hearing Christian groups talk one day about how their religious freedoms are being taken away and the next about how there should be no mosques in America. What bullshit. But that’s a whole other blog post…

ted baldwin - August 31, 2010

Open it up RJW. I’ll be happy to tell you why there should not be a Cordoba Mosque in a building hit by 9/11 debris…and also why they have a right to build it. And why we have a right to build gay bars next to it (Thanks Greg Gutfeld!)

Matunos - August 31, 2010

Not only the right… there are already gay bars (and a couple straight strip clubs) in that immediate area. I have a feeling most of the Muslims who work, live, and pray (yes, they already pray in one of the buildings on that site) have learned to cope with it.

Gutfeld’s stupid joke was no more funny that the idiots who bring their dogs to protest mosques because ‘Muslims can’t stand dogs’. And Jews never eat bacon!

Mimiller - September 1, 2010

Personally I don’t think they shouldn’t be able to build it, but I do think they should move it down the street a bit out of respect of the people who have to live there. They will never beable to forget what happened, but having that right next door, would be a constant reminder of the loss and saddness they are trying to over come… I think they should put it to a vote…. If a town can ban liquor based on the majority, then I think a city can make someone move their establishment. They are not saying they CANT build it, they just dont want it built right there

35. The Chapstick Pezbian - August 31, 2010

I want my blog readers to read this.
I’m putting up a link on my blog for them to get to this one. I hope that’s alright!

36. Heather M. Burton - August 31, 2010

Ah, Baton Rouge…home sweet home! Born and raised in BR, I still look over my shoulder when I hold my partners hand in public-even though now we live in the Netherlands where our existence is legal. I think the behavior of SSG is deplorable and another example of how far BR has to go. Does SSG deserve consequences? Yes, but I don’t think picket signs and rallies or screaming in anger is productive. When anyone has ever yelled at me, I simply stopped listening…ineffective. What is effective to anyone, bigot or bleeding-heart, is worrying about how to pay bills! We all know how gritty the word of mouth in BR is-use it!! Hit them where they HAVE to listen-the wallet…
Oh, and someone should call the bus for Jerome #17-what is that bad Welsh??

Robert J. Wilson - August 31, 2010

I agree with you about the ineffectiveness of picketing and such. The best way to protest is through word of mouth, on which most small businesses rely for continued/new clients.

And yes, Jerome was quite fluent in whatever language that was…

37. Mary Needler - August 31, 2010

I am from Baton Rouge, and there will be support of their sexist behaviour here. I’m getting emails from my wingnut family to patronize them because they stood up for some “morality.”

Instead of promoting SGG, show that you do not support businesses that associate with sexist and homophobic people. One of the biggest suppliers of the granite shop is Kohler sinks and faucets. Get in touch with Kohler that you will not use their products if they continue their association with SGG.


For contact information related to a specific Kohler business, choose one of the groups below.

Interiors Group
Global Power Group
Destination/Hospitality Group
KOHLER Plumbing
444 Highland Drive
Kohler, WI 53044
Phone: 1.800.456.4537

Web site: KOHLER Plumbing Contact Us
KOHLER Industrial Castings
444 Highland Drive
Mailstop 055
Kohler, WI 53044
Phone: 1.920.457.4441, extension 77839
Fax: 1.920.459.1826
Web site: http://www.kohler.com/corp/castings/
Sanijura – United States

Rue Stephen Pichon
Mailstop 055
Kohler, WI 53044
Phone: 1.920.457.4441, extension 77839
Fax: 1.920.459.1826
Web site: http://www.sanijura.com/
Robern Mirrored Cabinets
701 N. Wilson Avenue
Bristol, PA 19007
Phone: 1.215.826.9800
Web site: Robern Mirrored Bath Cabinets Contact Us
Ann Sacks
8120 NE 33rd Drive
Portland, OR 97211
Phone: 1.800.278.8453
Web site: Ann Sacks Contact Us
Hytec Plumbing Products (Division of Kohler® Canada Co.)
4150 Spallumcheen Drive
Armstrong, BC VOE 1B6
Phone: 250.546.3067
For customer service, call 1.800.871.8377 (Western Canada only)
Fax: 250.546.317
Web site: http://www.hytec.ca
Email: hytec.customer.service@kohler.com
Jacob Delafon
60 Rue De Turenne
75003 Paris, France
Phone: 33.1.4027.5300
Fax: 33.1.4271.7692
Web site: http://www.jacobdelafon.com/
Sterling Plumbing
444 Highland Drive
Kohler, WI 53044
Phone: 1.888.STERLING
Web site: Sterling Plumbing Contact Us

Robert J. Wilson - August 31, 2010

I’m with you…

I hate when businesses get involved in politics/”morality” at the customer level. When I patronize a business, I’m going there for whatever goods/services they advertise as providing and not to get sermonized in the process.

The idea that they took a stand for morality is completely bogus. Wasn’t it Jesus himself* who said (paraphrasing) “if a man asks you for your coat, give him your shirt too…” and “love thine enemies” and “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and “turn the other cheek”, etc.? According to the Bible, didn’t Jesus himself make a point to visit with and befriend “the sinners”?? In what way does behavior described by the CCA represent Christ?

*In the interest of disclosure, I happen to be an atheist, albeit one with a fairly remarkable knowledge of the Bible and how Christians distort it for their own ends.

Ambulance Driver - August 31, 2010

Christians do not distort it for their own ends.

Bad Christians do.

There are a great many Christians out there who live by the creed, “deplore the sin, but love the sinner.”

They may not understand or even accept homsexuality, but they’re not going to discriminate or mistreat gays because of their beliefs. That is as antithetical to true Christian values as bombing abortion clinics in the name of God.

And for the record, I count myself as a Christian, and don’t regard homosexuality as a sin.

And I am by no means alone in that belief.

rlbonnette - September 1, 2010

perfectly stated. i am totally with you on this.

38. rockland albrecht - August 31, 2010

its not just the “gay” business they will loose, which they obviously dont want, and in this economy need, but friends and family of LGBT, AND hopefully all fair minded, equality loving, civilized customers, who want their vendors to focus on prices and customer service

39. Common Sense - August 31, 2010

Yeah, put them out of business so all of their employees have to become govt. dependent and supported by YOUR tax dollars because they can’t earn a living due to the boycott you’re promoting.

Last I heard, two wrongs did not equal one right…

ted baldwin - August 31, 2010

Are hurt feelings worth trying to totally destroy people and their business?? A simple boycott is one thing, it can end. But going after suppliers? Where will that end? How is that fair or tolerant? Aren’t we supposed to be the most tolerant people on Earth? And why do we have the special “right” to hate? Hate is hate people, it does not matter if you are justified or not. I am for an end to all hate. That includes ending hatred of haters.

Matunos - August 31, 2010

Because no one will be able step in to fill the gap once this one particular granite company goes out of business. Nobody else knows how to cut and sell granite! They’ve really got Baton Rouge over a barrel here! There’s nothing that can be done. Their single-digit employee base (I’m assuming) will completely decimate the Baton Rouge economy.

Marlene - September 4, 2010

They aren’t the only one in BR, sweetie! Scroll on up… someone posted the name and address of another BR dealer!

40. Mary Needler - August 31, 2010

That’s the beauty of capitalism and a free market.

The business wants to deny service to customers? Fine. That’s their right. Other potential clients won’t support their business practices and patronize businesses that treat people equally. SGG isn’t the only place that sells rocks.

The word of this business’ ignorance is speeding through interior decorating, design, and architecture circles across the country. While the BR business might be able to have local support from people who agree that “your kind” should be denied service…you’ll see a lot of pressure to the companies that supply products to SGG. You’ll also see contracting companies that will have nothing to do with them and won’t order their products.

They are a company that’s trying to make the perfect horse shoe while the rest of the world gets into a car. And if people want to work for a sad-sack business, that’s their right.

Anyway, no other businesses would want their employees since they are obviously don’t care about what it takes to be a leader.

Free market, baby.

41. N Harty - August 31, 2010

I’m sorry this happened to you. I have lived here 8 years and stay pretty much to myself. I wish the community here was less polarized because imo a more cohesive community would do more in putting a stop to this type of attitude.

Course I grew up in Montrose :)

N Harty 49, lesbian

42. mike2589 - August 31, 2010

Some people can be so stupid and hurtful, like really its 2010 Get used to it already. we are here, were are gay, and we are staying.

43. Luke - August 31, 2010

If they dont like it, maybe they shouldn’t be gay. Accept the consequences of your choices.

Robert J. Wilson - August 31, 2010

(With apologies in advance for my inability to form a more articulate response to this buffoonery.)

What a dumbass.

adelaidejewel - August 31, 2010

Yep, I chose to be attracted to women just as I chose the color of my skin. Your intelligence amazes and astounds me.

Mimiller - September 1, 2010

Luke, you are effin stupid……. Did the blacks choose to be black and subject themselves to slavery? … Did the Jews choose to be born Jewish and choose to be forced into concentration camps? …. Did the physically and mentally disabled choose to be that way, thus subjecting them to be sterilized and murdered? …. Being gay is not a choice!….. Let me guess, growing up you wanted to be Hitler? Just so you know, he is not a good role modle.

44. Gordon Shumway - August 31, 2010

Do I support what the company did, no. However, I do think that if that’s how they want to act with their business, it’s their right. Once again, I DO NOT SUPPORT their decision, and in fact that’s it’s pretty damn stupid, because gay or straight, money’s money. However, I feel that we don’t need the government telling people who own businesses how to run their companies. I will never do business with them, nor recommend them, but I do have to say that it is their choice. I’m sure there are other companies that will gladly do business with someone whether they are bi/gay/straight/transgender/asexual. It will never be a perfect world, because we are all humans, and humans can not be perfect.

45. Mary Needler - August 31, 2010

No one is stopping that business from discriminating against gays. They haven’t been sued and the police haven’t arrested the owners. However, people are free to circulate information that it’s a business that discriminates.

Consumers can make a choice whether to vote with their dollars to support a business that practices hatred. And people can purchase from them if they agree with them. In this case, though, the major clientele of people who buy interior decorating products may not want to deal with a business who doesn’t want to support “your kind.”

I’m sure the business will be over run with trucks toting gun racks to pick out that perfect countertop, since they are known for their interior decorating tastes. And if the bulk of people who work with interior designers feel like they support businesses that don’t give a flip about whom their clients sleep with, well, those businesses will thrive.

SGG…keep making those horse shoes. The rest of us are enjoying our cars. Don’t think they’ll be missed.

Frank - August 31, 2010

So you are saying that a person who drives a truck with a gunrack has no “taste”? You could probably get a job at SSG!!

46. Anony - August 31, 2010

So the company facebook is gone, but Darren’s facebook is still up and I can’t help but find it ironic how he has all these other “men” commenting on how cute his pictures are and he is very thankful regarding them..Sounds quite fishy to me.

47. therracat - August 31, 2010

Have posted this on Facebook. Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up. There are good businesspeople all over who welcome the power of the gay dollar. Let them rise and the others fall. There’s no place in our America for this kind of bigotry. Good luck and best wishes.

48. Frank - August 31, 2010

I have to agree with Ted…. Hate is Hate. SSG as business owners have the right to run thier business as they wish, just as the consumer has the right to shop where they wish. All of you who want to protest or contact the local media or SSG’s suppliers are no better than they are!

49. Frank - August 31, 2010

Hate is Hate….Name calling is Name calling!!!

50. amarige panache - August 31, 2010

Hey, just wanted to say as a young gay guy living in london happily with my partner its easy to forget that there is still this kind of backward thinking uneducated mentality out there. I for one will be emailing those guys right now.

Why is it that these things always slip under the radar huh? It wouldn’t happen if it was racial discrimination would it?


51. Joseph L. Miller - August 31, 2010

How embarassing and shameful. As a proud gay man who works with the public, and as anyone in business can attest to, your clients are your livelihood. I hope this business curls up and dies.

52. Top Posts — WordPress.com - August 31, 2010

[…] Anti-Gay Baton Rouge Granite Co. in Stone Age UPDATE 1: SSG’s Facebook page has disappeared. UPDATE 2: Dan Savage has linked to the story on his slog. From […] […]

53. FROM THE DESK OF THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF; 157 3 LEVIATHAN 2 AS « Editorials from Hell's Leading Daily Newspaper - August 31, 2010

[…] the cutting edge while pushing the envelope in the defense of civil rights and opposing theocracy, and the bigotry that comes wiith it, in all its […]

54. Connie Guiberson - August 31, 2010

This is civil rights violation. Hopefully, someone will look into filing suit.

Robert J. Wilson - August 31, 2010

Sadly, this kind of discrimination is perfectly legal under both state AND federal law.

55. Jenny - September 1, 2010

Telling people to boycott this company & giving out their cell phone number & making hate calls b/c they don’t agree with your sexual orientation makes you no better than the people you are pointing your finger at! Since when did buying granite have to do with sexual orientation? Darren may have chosen to allow it to that day, but if you boycott them, then you are allowing it to also, so you just stooped to the level you are bashing him for! That makes everything better. We searched all over Baton Rouge last year for the best deal on granite. We ended up choosing Southern Style Granite (who wasnt the cheapest) b/c they were the only ones whose quote said they could do our slab kitchen counter top without any seams. All other quotes told us it couldnt be done without at least one seam. Their installation work was top quality! Our counter looks awesome & we were totally satisfied with the job. I will continue to recommend them & would use them again b/c I base my remodeling jobs on the quality of the work, as it should be. Private businesses should have a choice to decide who they make an effort to work with or not, even if their choices could be bad for their pocketbook. Just as you have a choice as to where you shop. Tolerance is a two way street. If we want it, we should practice showing it too.

Mule Breath - September 1, 2010

Jenny, you very badly miss the point of the exercise. Please refer to the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955.

John M. - September 2, 2010

Since the government won’t protect gay rights this far South, we have to look after ourselves. Protesting, boycotts and bad publicity are perfectly legal and appropriate ways to make their business suffer. If they want to openly discriminate against gays, they should be prepared to suffer the consequences.

Also, you may base your opinion on SSG solely on the quality of the work they did, but clearly the rest of the people posting here realize that there are other factors to consider. If all that mattered is the quality of the work, would you do business with a company that uses slaves or child labor so long as the job turned out ok? Based on your reasoning, you would. On the opposite spectrum, wouldn’t you be more likely to do business with a company that donated 40% of its profits to some charitable organization you supported if the quality of the job would be equal to every other companies’ work? Companies who discriminate based on sexual orientation may not be a deal-breaker for you, but for the rest of us, it most certainly is.

56. Mary Needler - September 1, 2010

To Jenny: The business did have a choice whom to sell to or not. No one has forced the company to sell to gay people. No rights have been violated.

But people do have the right to spread word that it’s a store that discriminates and let future customers know that they are a hateful business. People will vote with their dollars.

And like others have said, it’s not limited to just gay people. Friends, family, co-worked, and people who believe in free trade will not patronize this business since they are clearly are not bright and have a weak business model.

57. Southern Style Granite – Just Another Anti-American Business | Rogue Medic - September 1, 2010

[…] +0000 By Rogue Medic Leave a Comment If you believe what has been written by Ambulance Driver, Robert J. Wilson, Bullet Points, TOTWTYTR, The Supersonic Reflectoscope, Of Mule Dung and Ash, The EMT Spot, and Dan […]

58. Lynda M O - September 1, 2010

Sharing knowledge and positive experiences will spread behavior after which people like these folks in Baton Rouge can model themselves. Set a forthright and solid example of inclusiveness in all your daily activities.

59. rlbonnette - September 1, 2010

Robert, don’t stop what you are doing. Don’t let anyone on here make you doubt for one second what you did. This country and this world must move forward. What everyone needs to understand is that the root of the issue is REAL. There are people that are literally killing themselves because they are not accepted on a daily basis. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Who cares who walks in where, who looks at who–WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE ANYONE?? God loves us all, regardless of who we are. God created gay & lesbians like he created heterosexuals. I believe this as my heart is beating. I am a christian, married mother, by the way. Again, who cares. Love, accept, never assume, don’t judge.

60. Dear Southern Style Granite… | Looking Through A Pair Of Pink Handled Trauma Shears - September 1, 2010

[…] Driver, Rogue Medic, Robert J. Wilson, Bullet Points, TOTWTYTR, The Supersonic Reflectoscope, Of Mule Dung and Ash, The EMT Spot, […]

61. JacobD - September 2, 2010

This is a bunch of fail. So you think because its you, the gay community, you wont have to endure persecution? I’m pretty sure there have been more extreme prejudices towards gays than this incident. Because its 2010, man’s nature will suddenly be pure, open minded and caring? Please, stop your crying. Every minority, and I mean every single one had to give much in return for small gain. In the end, justice prevailed. It isn’t right or fair, but it also isn’t going to change. Stiffen your upper lip, hold your chin high and be leaders for your community. Don’t give in to trivial inconveniences. There are other granite stores in the country, geez…

62. Mike B - September 2, 2010

Anyone thought of checking to see if the company is registered with the better business bureau?

filing a formal complaint with the BBB will have more of an effect on their business that word of mouth from one friend to another.
the BBB take this kind of thing very seriously and all businesses have to dues to be listed in the BBB registry. a complaint/issue such as one like this will really knock these ignorant bigots off their high horses.

oh and the more couples or individuals turned away, the better. Make them realize they poor business mistakes they are making!!!

63. Heidi Gloom - September 2, 2010

These morons are in the interior design industry? You don’t say.
It’s like a contestant telling Heidi Klum her fashion sense SUCKS and still expect to win Project Runway. Daft. :P

64. Joe - September 2, 2010

For anyone not understanding, why this treatment is so bigoted, simply imagine the same setting, except the couple was a man and a woman. Would the salesman have asked their sexual orientation? Doubtful, as it had absolutely nothing to do, with buying marble. So the real question that remains is: “Why did their sexual orientation matter at all?

65. ZD - September 2, 2010

I heard about this some time ago. I personally think that if the business owners decide not to cater to the LGBT community that’s fine…but with it comes a price. Even the most narrow minded business person, that is if he/she has an ounce of business savvy, knows that the almighty dollar determines how long the business stays afloat. Now having said that, the LGBT community has disposable income just ready to be spent and if you think about it, if we don’t like the way we’re being treated, we simply move to another business that truly appreciates that dollar no matter who it sleeps with! These business owners I’m sure has had a decline in business since this story broke and they have no one to blame but themselves. We have the power to make that business thrive or shut it down completely…and to do that is to patronize gay friendly businesses. Anyone disagrees??

66. Dez Crawford - September 3, 2010

My husband and I are shopping for a new bathroom counter. I just informed them that they lost a sale and that we will be forwarding a copy of our receipt from the company we do choose, so they can see how much they lost.

Before civil rights, I remember our family boycotting “whites-only” businesses because it was the right thing to do at the time.

This is the right thing to do now.

67. Luc76985 - September 3, 2010

Created an entry on Pam’s House Blend:

Marlene - September 4, 2010

Thanks, Luk! Your post on PHB is how I got here!!

68. Marlene - September 4, 2010

Their FB page may be down, but here’s their website URL: http://www.southernstylegranite.com/

Their slogan: “Quality Done Honestly”

They need to have a * at the end with the disclaimer at the bottom “Fags and dykes not welcome!”

69. sofa - September 4, 2010

How dare people have opinions that differ from you geniuses!? Anyone who is different must be hunted down and punished and shunned! /sarc

Look at yourselves. You are behaving like petty, close minded bigots.

Robert J. Wilson - September 4, 2010

Really? “Close minded”? Hmm… Try again, moron.

sofa - September 4, 2010

Intolerance of others.
Calling for them to be shunned.

And you don’t see the irony.

70. sofa - September 4, 2010

“The experience that my partner and I and the other couple went through was humiliating and embarrassing.”

Being gay embarasses you? You find it humiliating and embarassing to be gay?

Your words reveal much.
Fear of being caught gay = homo-phobia
Self hatred.

Robert J. Wilson - September 4, 2010

I was not one of the individuals directly involved in this situation. I should have made that more clear, but since I never indicated that this happened to me, I figured the reader could infer the rest; apparently that isn’t the case for the “close minded”.

Being gay is not embarrassing; being discriminated against based on an irrelevant attribute is indeed quite humiliating and dehumanizing.

71. sofa - September 4, 2010

Now your telling people what is relevant and what is irrelevant? So you are like a god, then. (?)

72. David in Houston - September 4, 2010

It’s pretty astonishing that this kind of crap is still taking place in 2010. As others have pointed out, there are a lot of gay interior designers that must use their services. But obviously they can’t ask every individual customer that walks through the door, “Are you gay?” But when two people of the same gender come in, they have the perfect opportunity to identify ‘the enemy’. Had the couple been straight, I have no doubt the business owner would have bragged to them about screening out those queers. Their behavior is sickening and immoral. I wouldn’t shed a tear if this incident cost them their business; it has no place in our society. I’d be interested in finding out how they treat African-Americans or interracial couples. I’m sure the bigotry doesn’t end here.

73. Lila shah - September 4, 2010

I will not do business with these people. How dumb they are for turning away good money and alienating future customers of all sexual orientations. I am sorry for your humiliating experience.

74. Life in 3D » Blog Archive » Third law of Motion as applied to Bigots - September 5, 2010

[…] You guys don’t want gays shopping at your store, then you don’t want me either since I have friends who are gay. […]

75. jmclavy - September 6, 2010

WTF, I’m an older Baton Rougean and I can’t believe that crap like this is still happening in the South especially BR. Come on, give me a break, tell these clowns to wake up and smell the ‘whatever’ (it’s obviously not the roses). It is a new world out there, not 1810, it’s 2010. What’s next, burning crosses again?


By the way, I’m straight, I just happen to believe in EQUAL RIGHTS or EVERYONE!

76. WAFB Kills Gay Discrimination Story « RJW Blog - September 14, 2010

[…] you guys remember the story I shared with you a couple of weeks ago about how a Baton Rouge granite business turned away a gay couple after inquiring as to whether or […]

77. KelStep - September 16, 2010

I own S&H Granite and Marble, LLC in Baton Rouge. We are a custom granite, marble and green products shop and have been in business for 7 yrs now. We would NEVER, by any means, discriminate against anyone no matter your race, religion, age, and especially not who a person chooses to share their lives with, etc. I can not even imagine asking such a personal question to a client. Personal beliefs should never be brought into a place of business. All of this hate is what is already wrong with this world.

78. Tom Fletcher - November 11, 2010


Now that I’ve had the chance to look a this site a bit more it is clear to me that there is something more seriously wrong with Ted Baldwin than I originally suspected. He says he wants facts before persecution, fair enough, but he also defends without any proof of his own. Typical gay Republican who wants, and now has gained in Louisiana no less, a position with our our opressors for his own personal benefit.

79. Tom Fletcher - November 11, 2010

By the way, this Ted Baldwin runs a dubious website company out of his mother’s basement or some such thing, so if you want to tell him what you think, e-mail him yourself at ted@tedbaldwin.com

Robert - November 11, 2010

>sigh< I actually know and am acquaintances if not friends with Ted, and he's not quite as bad as he seems… We heartily disagree on politics, but in other matters we manage to find common ground.

I can understand your visceral reaction to Ted's posts–I have them too. But FWIW, he's a smart guy who does a lot of good for the Louisiana LGBT community…

If only he'd convert from the Dark Side, he'd be a-okay. :-)

80. Tom Fletcher - November 17, 2010

Typical Ted,

Ready to defend the Republican Tea Party line whenever he can for his own benefit. I don’t know the details but Ted’s tendency to dismiss any notion that discrimination took place is part of his plan, not ours, so don’t listen to him. Let’s face it, this guy has an agenda and it’s his not ours.

Robert - November 17, 2010

Dr. Fletcher–

I want to be very clear that your baseless non-sequitur ad hominem are unwelcome on my blog.

You have attacked Mr. Baldwin in ways that are as random as they are nonsensical, and I’m not amused. The entire purpose of this blog is to amuse me, so we’re obviously at crossed-purposes.

Please take your crazy elsewhere, or you’ll find your IP address, work email and comment content shared with your superiors at Bishop’s Universty. I’m sure they’ll be amused by your use of their technological resources and brand identity to conduct what appears to be a personal vendetta against a private individual.


81. Tom Fletcher - November 18, 2010


Sorry to have offended you but isn’t it you who described him as part of the ‘dark side’ in your own commentary?

82. Kyle Taylor Primes - December 18, 2010

This is ridiculous. I’ve lived in Baton Rouge for 6 years now and have seen the city improve TREMENDOUSLY over the last few years – But this takes the cake! My partner and I have gone shopping for home improvement items before (we remodeled our house and other rental properties owned) and NEVER have been approached with questions or treated like that. I’m not sure I’d hold my composure quite well either if someone crossed the line like Mr. Cifreo did. I do know I will share this information with “my kind” and “all other kinds” so that not a penny is spent in this idiot’s store. I hate stupid people.

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